The 2023 Annual Business Meeting was attended by franchisees, principals and staff of Crestar Education Malaysia (CEM) and Crestar Education Group (CEG) from Singapore.

Around 70 participants attended the Crestar Education Malaysia (CEM) Annual Business Meeting (ABM) held at The Saujana Hotel KL. The annual meeting hosted franchisees of Kinderland, staff of CEM and principals of Kinderland centres. Representatives from Crestar Education Group were also invited to this prestigious event.

The annual business meet is an event to share the business challenges and strategy for the coming year, present industry updates, exchange ideas and a time for bonding.

The theme for 2023’s ABM is “Redefining Possibilities”; aptly titled in celebrating the success of overcoming challenges through the pandemic.

The event started with Ms. Tay Mian Jee, General Manager of CEM who gave a welcoming speech and shared the 2024 Business Plan.

Ms. Tay Mian Jee during her speech shared what is in store for principals and business owners of Kinderland Preschools in Malaysia.

Two guest speakers were invited to address the concern of young children’s growth and development post pandemic. The first speaker, Dr Chiah Wan Yeng, Director of Academic Affairs and Child Psychologist at UCSI Child Development Centre, touched on the topic of “Navigating Post-Pandemic Learning and Behavioural Challenges in preschoolers”. Her insightful sharing session about knowing external factors that affect a child’s learning and behaviour was helpful in understanding how we can better help the children cope in their learning. She also shared about pre-screening tools and a system that will help the teachers in identifying children with developmental challenges.

Dr. Chiah (left) and Ms. Tan (right) shared about the tools and support that can aid teachers and children.

The next speaker Ms. Ei Win Tan, a Clinical Psychologist from MMHA (Malaysia Mental Health Association), shared on Mental Well- Being Support for Young Children. She also spoke about how to spot children with possible mental health issues and the approach and solutions to take.

Both speakers gave real life examples that were relatable to all the educators. Besides the presentations, there was a round table discussion allowing all participants to engage in in-depth discussion regarding the business, the brand, and day-to-day operations.

For closing of the event, Mr. Robert Leong, Chief Executive Officer of Kinderland International Education, Singapore, delivered an inspiring closing speech to all the attendees. “Kinderland pays tribute to all high-valued stakeholders. These are the people who shares the same vision to develop the foundation and mindset of global citizens with a heart in every child.” Mr. Leong acknowledged the spirit of all preschool operators and principal for their perseverance in continuing the Kinderland legacy.

Mr. Robert Leong spoke of the rise of Kinderland globally during the pandemic and how it continued to nurture future global citizens online during lockdown.

Our heartiest congratulations to the CEM team for organizing such a triumphant event. Meetings such as this are integral in maintaining upholding the values and purpose of the Kinderland’s educational service and allowing wider international learning from one another. Behind every child’s learning journey are made of these years of accumulative learning, engagement, and commitment.