Sports Day is one of the major events that everyone looks forward to at Kinderland. But Sports Day is not just all fun and games. In fact, constant participation in sports is crucial towards a child’s healthy development – both mentally and physically. As such, Kinderland places an emphasis on ensuring centres conduct Sports Day every year. Here are five reasons why Sports Day is integral within our preschool curriculum:

1. No Pain No Gain
Well, in this context, if you want the child to be physically fit, they need to actively participate in the event. Sports Day entails the children to partake in the various activities the teachers have organized. Whether it is dancing or attempting obstacle courses, children are naturally engaged in exercise.

The children at Kinderland Preschool @ Setia Impian and Kinderland @ Ipoh enjoyed the games and obstacle courses organized by the teachers.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
To achieve your dream, you need to work together. Teamwork is an important skill to learn during early years. They will learn to share, to assess each other’s strengths and capabilities and embrace empathy.

“Balance Ball” and “Tug of War” were the main highlight during
Kinderland Playhouse Section 14’s Sports Day.

3. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Sports Day is the perfect time to forge new friendships. Not just for the children, but for parents as well. This is the time and place to have fun and get to know other like-minded parents!

Even parents of the Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care @ Putra Heights join
the fun and wearing the themed-coloured shirts.

4. The Golden Rule
One of the unnoticed benefits of Sports Day is that children learn the purpose and the need for rules and instructions. Children learn the concept of rules through games and this will teach them fair play.

Standing proud and in straight line, the children from
Kinderland Preschool @ Kota Bharu recited their “Rukun Negara”
(Malaysian declaration of national philosophy).

5. We Are Family
The most important aspect of Sports Day is quality time with family members. Parents, guardians, and relatives get to spend quality time with their young ones and create wonderful memories together.

Parent involvement during the Family Day at Kinderland Kota Kemuning encouraged family bonding with the children. Their Family Day included obstacle course and games for all ages.