Happy Blessed Deepavali to all!

Deepavali is a colourful and meaningful celebration in Malaysia. Upbeat Hindi songs, traditional Indian snacks and desserts, and the intricate rangolis, Deepavali is a vibrant festival enjoyed by all.

Some of our Kinderland Malaysia preschools organized a memorable Deepavali day for the children to enjoy. The activities allowed the children to embrace their friends’ ethnic culture and traditions and gained new experiences.

Kinderland Preschool @ Ipoh’s children diligently create their rangolis with focus and creativity.

The children were given the opportunity to participate in rangoli or kolam making. This art required the skill of using coloured rice and powder creating beautiful designs on the floor. Children learned to use other tools and ingredients besides the usual paints or coloured pencils to create their art.

The children even get to experience Henna Art on their hands. The teachers carefully drew on each child’s hands and some even opted for a more modern design!

The children at Kinderland Preschool & Infant @ USJ were delighted to get their hands drawn with henna by their teachers.

Deepavali would be incomplete without the beloved Indian snacks: murukku and ghee ball cookies. Made primarily with rice flour and black lentil flour (urad dal flour), this savoury crunchy snack is an instant hit. Whilst the sweet ghee ball cookies are made from mung bean flour, ground cardamom, sugar and ghee. The children demonstrated their cooking skills with their teacher’s guidance.

The children at Kinderland Preschool @ Brickfields learned the art of murukku making using a traditional wooden murukku presser and murukku machine.

The day is wrapped nicely with the children and teachers dancing to Bollywood music. It  was a fantastic Deepavali celebration for the children and the incredible teachers!