The children at Kinderland Preschool at Equine Park learned about different community helpers.

The Community Helper Project is an important initiative as part of Kinderland’s Integrated Curriculum. The aim is to develop every child to be a wholesome individual who wants to contribute to the community in future.

Kinderland Preschool at Equine Park did not miss the opportunity to create a memorable learning experience for the children. The teachers decorated the centre with artworks, display posters, and backdrop related to the “Community Helpers” theme.

Teachers decorated the centre and displayed for the PDRM visit.

The main highlight was a visit by the PDRM (“Polis DiRaja Malaysia” or Royal Malaysia Police).

The children and teachers welcomed two police officers from the Seri Kembangan Police Station, Sergeant Ram and Corporal Azmi. Sergeant Ram showed the students how to recognize police officers based on their uniforms. He explained that the police’s main responsibility is to serve and protect the people.

Hand-made decorations greeted the police officers during their visit to Kinderland Preschool at Equine Park.

The Principal, Ms Lee Lai San, mentioned that the children were eager to learn more about the roles of a police officer.

“The purpose of this visit is for the children to have an interactive session with the police officers. We hope it will build a strong relationship and trust between the children, the community, and the police force.”

Kinderland Preschool at Equine Park children wore uniforms representing the different sectors of community helpers.

Teacher Sithra, who organzied the visit, added it is a valuable learning experience for the children. “We learn about the different roles we play to create a harmonious community. The police’s role is to ensure that the community is safe and protected.”

The learning continued with the police showing the children common police gadgets and the patrol cars. Few lucky children were even allowed to switch on the police siren, much to their delight.

The children observed common items used by the police in their daily work.

The visit ended with some refreshments for everyone. Overall, the visit was a great success for both the children and the centre. We want our children to continue to appreciate the sacrifices made by our everyday heroes.