A child’s first experience with fire would be with the candles on their birthday cakes, often associated with fun. Young children lack the understanding of how a tiny flame can intensify into a blaze, which can burn down the house.

Keeping our children safe is Kinderland’s priority. Our centres conduct fire drills and safety exercises at least three times a year, in March, July and October. The progressive teaching allows our Kinderland children to comprehend important safety information by the time they finish preschool. Children learn how to keep themselves safe in the event of a fire and prevent a fire outbreak.

Our Kinderland teachers help our children understand the dangers of fire and how to respond to one.

Stop, drop, and roll. When children’s clothes catch fire, their first reaction may be to run. Teacher practised with a child the safest way to respond.

Under the guidance of the Fire Fighter Officer, Kinderland teachers are trained to use the fire extinguisher.

Our Kinderland children are taught how to respond safely and swiftly to fire through the fire safety exercise. Kinderland children bring home the knowledge of what can be done and shared it with their family, which is effective in fire prevention.