March 3 marks World Wildlife Day, a time to celebrate and raise awareness about plants and animals around the world. This day also highlights issues such as urbanization, poaching, pollution, destruction of wildlife habitat, and how humans can contribute to conservation efforts.

In our Kinderland’s lesson concept “Saving Our Earth”, we educate and bring awareness to our children that we depend on the Earth to survive. We can help the Earth in many ways, and how some of our actions can put people, animals and plants in danger.

This year’s World Wildlife Day theme is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”. Kinderland, together with our children, celebrates our forest as the main habitat for most wildlife. We are committed to sustaining it at our very best will keep a balanced ecosystem.

Our teacher was sharing knowledge on the wildlife habitat and its residents through story-telling and puppet-show sessions.

Learning through purposeful play and hands-on activities, children can develop social and cognitive skills, emotionally maturity, and gain self-confidence when engaged in new experiences and environment.

Kinderland children bringing the message “Save Wildlife” to all.

World Wildlife Day reminds us all that the onus of saving wildlife lies within us because humans have disruption to it.

“We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren, and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.” ~ Qwatsinas (Hereditary Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation.