It is natural — and common — for children to picker with their peers at school. Children bully because they have trouble managing strong emotions like anger, frustration or insecurity and have yet learned cooperative ways to work out conflicts and understand differences. At Kinderland, we encourage good behaviour and teach children to treat others with respect and kindness. When they handled situations in positive ways, our teachers take notice and praised them for it. Positive reinforcement can be more powerful than negative disciplinary.

Handprint activity – a symbolic to ‘STOP’ the bully.

Thank You, Please, and More
Teaching good manners could be as simple as being respectful to others, greeting people properly, and speaking to people in a polite way.

At Kinderland, social emotional programmes are implemented and incorporated in some of their daily routines to build the constant good practices. Kinderland children will have an increased sense of empathy, decreased aggressive and antisocial behaviour and increase their acceptance of their peers.

Teachers advocate these to children by setting an example and performing kind acts themselves. Children learn well through observations and ‘hands-on’ learning, and feeling the sense of pride when they have first-hand experience performing an act of kindness. Discussing or reflecting on their experiences with the use of story-telling can be beneficial in exposing our children to a greater understanding of kindness.

Let our children know that bullying is NOT OK
Kinderland encourage kindness in our children. They will feel better not only about the world they live in but also about themselves. It lifts the child’s morale and the others around them, helping them grow to be a happy and loving person.

#PinkShirtDay# -‘Bullying Stops Here’. Our Kinderland children continues to spread kindness and stand up against bullying every day.