On Sunday, 24 July 2022, Kinderland Malaysia hosted a special parenting webinar in collaboration with HappyPreggie, an online pregnancy and parenting media in Malaysia. Together with our guest speaker – Mr. Mohan Dallumal, Children Development, Psychology & Counselling Guru, Senior Lecturer at Dika College on the topic of ” ”

As we know the key to success in building children’s emotional stability and well-being is to have positive responses, understand their emotions and guide them to manage their thoughts and emotions in order to gain self-control.

The question is how do we achieve it, especially for early learners?

In these 60 minutes, parents and educators had been enlightened to know their children, knowing self-parenting styles, knowing the environment and what works to tackle their child’s behavioral and emotional challenges.

Participating parents and educators gained much insightful knowledge to care for their young children’s well-being. Parents and educators alike shared their experiences and challenges as they actively participated in the Q&A session. 5 of the active participating parents walked away with a token of appreciation from Kinderland Malaysia.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resources and its best hope for the future” ~ John F. Kenney

To raise our children to be productive and motivated individuals, a solid foundation of support from various entities is required.  This includes parent-teacher support to ensure a continuum of learning within and outside the classroom, especially for early learners.

We are also happy to have played an important role in helping parents and educators raise happy, healthy, confident and caring children.

Let’s continue to work hard and work together to nurture young bodies and young minds.


Event video Kinderland Parenting Webinar