Encouraging and educating our children to recycle is a way of teaching them about sustainability. The importance of being sustainable shows them that the environment is important. And we hope that they will learn to grow up to be responsible adults.

This year, we organized a contest of “Create and Win Recycling Corner” for all Kinderland Centres from 01 May till 31 Aug. 2022. A total of 6 centres took part in this contest. Teachers together with their students made their own recycling bins to be used in their school.

This recycling project provided a platform for our children to learn while having fun through hands-on activities. It also helps our children in their understanding of the purpose of recycling and how it contributes to saving mother earth.  Through this program, the children learned above the 3 R’s (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse). Teachers shared with them how to identify recyclable items in daily life, the importance of reducing landfill waste, and the reuse of recyclable products. And more importantly, is to take action to effect change from a global perspective.

The winning team is from Kinderland Bangsar. Their designed concept was based on Kinderland’s thematic curriculum of different terms of the year. They came up with very interesting and usable recycle bins that are being used in their school.

Working together to create masterpieces.

The final placement

The ongoing program at the center.