As the year comes to an end, it is time for our graduating Kindergarten 2 children to embark on the next chapter of their lives. From October to early November this year, all twenty-two Kinderland centres in Malaysia were excited to have the graduation concert in different themes that reflect the special teamwork, friendship and celebration of success our children have developed during their preschool years.

2018 Kinderland USJ graduating children happily posing for the camera at stage, while parents and families, were excitedly looking out for their child and taking photos enthusiastically.

Music has always been the essence of Kinderland’s curriculum. Over the last 4 decades, the belief of music enhances language literacy and provides crucial support for brain development in the early years continues to be the foundation of Kinderland curriculum.

Graduation concert was an opportunity for our graduates to showcase their enriching preschool learning journey at Kinderland. From mastery of musical instruments to endearing renditions of songs, dances, speech and dramas, the concert is a culmination of all the talents, hard work and dedication that our teachers and students have put in over the past 6 months.

Kinderland Seremban 2 children demonstrated an impressive musical performance under the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

This year graduation concert theme in respective centres includes; Kinderland Kids Got Talent, Dreams, The Jungle Book, Movie Magic Musical, Let The Good Time Rolls, Superheroes, Proud of You and many more. Each showcases different segments of performances which comprise skilful rhythmic dances, musical performances, speech and drama, and instrumental ensembles.

We celebrate how our children have benefitted from our music-infused curriculum.

Our Children’s Music Programme enhances their skills required for learning such as language development, spatial-temporal adaptability and concentration. Also promotes perseverance and camaraderie. These are essential skills for school readiness and life.

We hope all our Kinderland children continue to have a natural sense of wonder for the world and flourish into curious individuals with a lifelong passion for learning.

Kinderland Brickfields children happily performing on stage showing their musical talent.