Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, where all preschools are closed, Kinderland supports and ensures our children’s learning continues.

The Kinderland Home-Based Learning (HBL) Box was developed to equip our children with materials needed when attending lessons at home. The home-based learning, delivered through an online platform, is conducted by professionally trained Kinderland teachers who are well versed in the Kinderland curriculum. The success of our e-learning gives parents the confidence and understanding of the need to have their child “back in school”.

HBL e-Learning session while children are at home.

Daily e-lessons provide children the opportunity for live interaction with their teachers.

In a safe environment at home, Kinderland children can continue to focus on learning and expanding their creativity. To continue learning amid of chaos helps our children build resilience, giving them a sense of achievement and confidence and be ready for their future.

Students were provided the learning kit that allowed them easy access to the materials.

What’s in the box?

Each Kinderland HBL Box contains sufficient materials that will last for approximately three months for the e-learning lessons. All materials given were age-appropriate for children across different levels.

Video explanation on the use of books, stationery, art and craft and discovery materials packed inside the HBL Box.

The HBL Box, coupled with the purposeful e-learning lessons, helps bring normalcy in a child’s education life, especially for those in communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.