“Early childhood caries (ECC) is one of the most prevalent, yet preventable diseases in children younger than 6 years old.”

Early childhood caries (ECC) refers to one or more tooth decay in your child’s first set of teeth. Babies could begin teething as early as three months old. They are exposed to tooth decay as soon as their first tooth arrives. The first signs of decay often appear as white spots or lines on any tooth.

Your child must observe a regular oral hygiene routine to prevent tooth decay. From the time their first tooth appears, parents must help their child brush their teeth till they grow old enough to care for themselves. After that, supervising them is still needed.

Built the habit in your children to brush their teeth twice daily with a pea-size of children’s toothpaste, using small circular motions for at least two minutes. It is also crucial to teach them to floss daily. Also, ensure your child has a healthy diet for stronger teeth. Avoiding sugary foods and snacks can help prevent tooth decay.

We recommend bringing your baby to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears. The dentist can identify initial tooth decay and apply preventive measures such as fluoride paste for your child’s teeth. Always make dental visits a positive experience for your child. Never use the dentist as a threat to your child’s misbehaviour.

It is not difficult to take good care of your children’s oral health. With proper care, let us strive for your child’s caries-free mouth.

Tips for parents on keeping your child’s teeth health:

  1. Clean your baby’s teeth as soon as they arrive by
  2. Wiping with a soft cloth
  3. Brushing with a soft toothbrush and water

Establishing good toothbrushing habits and making it a good experience.

A bright smile on her face as she brushes her teeth.