On the 12th of February 2019, Parents and children gathered at the Taska Kinderland Playhouse, section 14 Petaling Jaya to participate in our Chinese New Year Celebration. We were honoured to also have the kindergarten children of Deustche Schule Kuala Lumpur (German School Kuala Lumpur) to join in the fun. Their visit allowed the children from both schools to experience a cultural exchange and learning.

The children from DSKL were given the chance to witness our traditional Chinese New Year practices.

Meanwhile, the Kinderland children were able to mingle with students and teachers from a different race. It was a great opportunity for all students and teachers to form cross cultural friendships and to learn more about each other. Not to mention the fun they had with all the different activities lined up!

Parents who are involved in their children education create an important connection between home and school. Those who participated in activities with their child gain good insight to the different aspects of their child’s day. Many games were arranged during the celebration to give families some bonding time.

Among the number of fun activities lined up for the celebration, the most memorable must have been the lion dance performance. The children had so much fun interacting with the ‘lions’ by touching their heads and bodies and taking photos with them. Parents also had a blast taking photos and videos of the whole experience. Other activities include Yee Sang tossing, having snacks and lunch together, games and craft time.