Eighty-eight staff consisting of principals and teachers of centres and the management team of Kinderland Malaysia participated in the team building.

Kinderland Malaysia brought together all their six centres teachers and their management team from Malaysia Head office for a one-day team building in May 2024.

The event was held at Paradise Valley, Selangor, a recreational team building resort in Broga Hills. The journey to Broga Hills started before sunrise to maximize the day to the fullest. It was attended by 88 preschool educators and employees. Kinderland Malaysia engaged Richmark Training, a certified training company to assist with the activities during the Team Building. The prelude to the teambuilding started in the buses by the facilitators from Richmark with an ice-breaking session.

Teachers enjoying the game of “Drive the Driver”. This game is to encourage trust and communication with each other, as the “Driver” closes his / her eyes, trusting the directions given by the person at the back.

The objective of the team building is to strengthen the bonds and to inculcate leadership skills among the employees. Team building is crucial for fostering a cohesive and productive work environment, crucial in a preschool environment. Once communication and trust has been built during the games and activities, team bonding will naturally come into play. From duo games to full-fledged team games, each game had a purpose and an objective: to spark “change”. Activities were kept light and easy, but triggered an endless excitement and adrenaline rush within the employees.

The employees were split into eight groups and were tasked to do various mental and physical activity that encourages teamwork. One of it is “Caterpillar”, where team members move around to collect items whilst having a balloon wedged between them. Communicating with one another while maintaining composure of holding the balloon was quite a challenge!

“Marble Race” is another teamwork game where teams must transport a marble from one end to the other. But they can only use the pipes as a “road” for the marble. The team with the most marbles in the bucket, wins.

It was indeed heart-warming to see the teams cheering and motivating each other not only within their own team but other teams as well. When we harness the power of collaboration and cooperation, we will achieve the greatest victory together.

The Kinderland Malaysia team went home with a renewed sense of togetherness and looking forward to the next Team Building with more challenging and adventurous activities.

To view more photos about CEM 2024 Team Building event, click here: https://www.facebook.com/share/p/ACKyt8JnxhXBRNNk/