We are excited to announce the successful conclusion of our two-week-long International World Book and Language Week at Kinderland Preschool Centres. Our centres were filled with the joy of fostering a love for reading and language development among our young learners. Under the theme “Read, Grow and Inspire,” this inspirational event took place across all six Kinderland direct centres, involving children from Pre-nursery to Kindergarten 2.

Throughout the weeks, we offered a wide range of engaging activities designed to ignite curiosity and inspire a lifelong love for reading. From interactive storytelling sessions to language games and creative arts and crafts, each day was carefully planned to cater to different age groups and language proficiency levels.

Igniting passion, empowering skills for a brighter future.

At Kinderland, we value language learning and cultural enrichment. Our trilingual approach, including English, Mandarin, and Bahasa, in our curriculum, creates a rich learning experience. During this celebration, we focus on English and Mandarin language immersion through captivating storytelling, interactive games, and exercises. This immersive experience enhances language skills and fosters cultural understanding.

Foster a love for reading and language development in a nurturing environment.

Participating in the International World Book and Language Week offered numerous benefits for our children. It instilled a love for reading, expand vocabulary, improved communication skills, and enhanced cognitive development. The exposure to both English and Mandarin languages equipped our children with valuable language skills that will benefit them academically and in their future endeavours.

Unleashing young learners’ potential through active participation

The International World Book and Language Week at Kinderland was a resounding success, and we are immensely proud of the enthusiasm and dedication shown by our children and educators. We believe that this event has planted the seeds of a lifelong love for language and literature in our children’s hearts.

An unforgettable and inspiring learning experience for the children after the International World Book and Language Event.

We invite you to join us in instilling the magic that books and languages can bring into our children’s lives. Together, let us continue to inspire our children to Read, Grow and Inspire!